Trends in Ski Technology for 2017


Ski Technology pic
Ski Technology

Daniel Reardon serves as co-CEO and trustee of the Otto Bremer Trust in St. Paul, Minnesota. When he is not managing the Otto Bremer Trust, Daniel Reardon enjoys outdoor recreations such as hunting and skiing.

Ski and snowboard technologies have taken off in the past few years, offering specially designed aerodynamic equipment in place of heavy wooden gear. Snow sports engineering has the following in store for the 2017 season.

Narrow skis. Fat skis have been trendy in recent years because of the benefits of the increased surface area on snow. Many companies released skis as wide as 120mm, but the largest new releases are unlikely to break 115mm.

Better boots. The hard, uncomfortable plastic boots of the past are being replaced with lightweight, comfortable boots. Many ski boot makers are introducing features that skiers formerly had to visit boot fitters for, such as canting, forward lean, and sole shimming.

Ski cores made of better materials. Ten years ago, ski cores were made of either foam or wood. Today, cores can be carbon fiber, fiberglass, hemp, recycled materials, or components native to the aerospace industry. Many skis have several laminated layers of multiple components, all designed to offer a smooth ride at a low weight.


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