Working with the Weather to Hunt for Deer


Deer Hunting pic
Deer Hunting

An experienced finance professional, Daniel Reardon is co-CEO and trustee of the Otto Bremer Trust in Minnesota. Outside of his responsibilities at Otto Bremer, Daniel Reardon is an avid hunter.

When you’re hunting for deer, it is critical to work with the weather rather than against it. Hunters can find deer more readily by thinking critically about the responses of deer to the weather.

In calm and dry weather, deer tend to remain bedded for the majority of the day. If you are hunting alone, move around and search for deer. If you are hunting with others, stay in one spot and let the other hunters push the deer out into view.

In a storm or heavy wind, deer will find sheltered areas, so look under dense cover and evergreens. The barometer will fall just before a storm and trigger deer to find food regardless of time of day. When this happens, deer will be in fields and other places with food sources. Immediately after a storm breaks, the deer will return to these areas to feed.


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