Working with the Weather to Hunt for Deer


Deer Hunting pic
Deer Hunting

An experienced finance professional, Daniel Reardon is co-CEO and trustee of the Otto Bremer Trust in Minnesota. Outside of his responsibilities at Otto Bremer, Daniel Reardon is an avid hunter.

When you’re hunting for deer, it is critical to work with the weather rather than against it. Hunters can find deer more readily by thinking critically about the responses of deer to the weather.

In calm and dry weather, deer tend to remain bedded for the majority of the day. If you are hunting alone, move around and search for deer. If you are hunting with others, stay in one spot and let the other hunters push the deer out into view.

In a storm or heavy wind, deer will find sheltered areas, so look under dense cover and evergreens. The barometer will fall just before a storm and trigger deer to find food regardless of time of day. When this happens, deer will be in fields and other places with food sources. Immediately after a storm breaks, the deer will return to these areas to feed.


Gadgets for Ski Enthusiasts


Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS pic
Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS

Daniel Reardon manages the Otto Bremer Trust as co-CEO and trustee. When not awarding grants and handling investments for the Otto Bremer Trust, Daniel Reardon enjoys skiing.

Advancements in ski equipment have not been uncommon throughout the years; however, modern technology has made the winter activity all the more enjoyable with the development of accessories such as GPS and GoPro cameras. Below are three must-purchase gadgets for ski enthusiasts.

Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS Sports Watch: Keeping track of time is not an easy task when at the top of a mountain or cross-country skiing. Rather than carry your phone, invest in a sports watch. The Suunto Ambit3 Peak keeps track of your heart rate and activity, counts calories burned, and maps your location.

Beartek Snowsport Gloves: Perfect for skiers using GoPro, the Beartek Snowsport gloves are able to control the camera’s functions simply by pressing the correct finger pads together. The gloves must be equipped with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi module, however, which is sold separately.

Oakley Airwave 1.5 Snow Goggles: Essentially Oakley’s version of Google Glass, the snow goggles display information such as speed and elevation as well as music titles and smartphone messages.

The Early Origins of Golf

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Daniel Reardon has been involved with Otto Bremer Trust for over 20 years. As co-CEO and trustee for Otto Bremer Trust, he is responsible for ensuring compliance to the trust instrument and the law, while also overseeing investments made by the trust. Daniel Reardon enjoys playing golf when he has time away from work.

The history of golf stretches further back than many realize. During the reign of the Roman Empire, sportsmen played a similar game that involved using tree branches to strike a ball, usually filled with feathers, along a surface. In China during the Song Dynasty, which lasted between 960 and 1279, an early version of the game was also played, though again it did not have the structure that defines golf as we know it now.

The modern version of golf took form in Scotland in the mid-15th century. Despite being outlawed soon after by King James II, apparently because it was distracting too many people from their military training, it emerged as a popular pastime throughout Britain a couple of centuries later. This led to the first British Open taking place in 1860, which contributed to the sport’s growing popularity and established one of the most prestigious events on the pro golf calendar.

Gifts for Golf Enthusiasts


Golfer's Smart Watch pic
Golfer’s Smart Watch

A co-CEO and trustee of the Otto Bremer Trust, Daniel Reardon is also responsible for the managerial aspects of Bremer Financial Corporation. On his free days, Daniel Reardon spends time playing golf.

The golfer’s market is filled with a wide range of gear, gadgets, and other equipment, as well as accessories. Here are some examples of gifts for golfers:

1. Smart Club. The lightweight smart club, with a swing analysis system, can be paired with a smartphone app. Its innovative technology and helpful applications can accommodate both beginner and advanced golfers.

2. Golfer’s Smart Watch. A smart watch for golfers has many useful applications. Features may include a built-in GPS tracker, storage space for course maps, and water resistance. For golfers who practice regularly and take improvement seriously, a golfer’s smart watch can be used to record the distance and direction of shots to track performance.

3. Laser Rangefinder. The laser rangefinder is a handheld laser that bounces a signal off a target and back to the gadget to gauge an accurate distance. It works on any golf course, regardless of the weather. It is also effective if the course has not been mapped – a necessity for smartphone applications and GPS rangefinders.

4. Collectible Coffee Table Golf Books. A nice alternative to equipment for the range, coffee table books will be appreciated on rainy days. Many options can be found online, but some collectible books can be procured from specialty golf stores only.

5. Golf Club Head Covers. Covers are great for protecting expensive clubs, while also adding a little panache to one’s golf bag. Many PGA and LPGA superstars use covers for their clubs, with designs ranging from whimsical animal heads to traditional patterns.