Gifts for Golf Enthusiasts


Golfer's Smart Watch pic
Golfer’s Smart Watch

A co-CEO and trustee of the Otto Bremer Trust, Daniel Reardon is also responsible for the managerial aspects of Bremer Financial Corporation. On his free days, Daniel Reardon spends time playing golf.

The golfer’s market is filled with a wide range of gear, gadgets, and other equipment, as well as accessories. Here are some examples of gifts for golfers:

1. Smart Club. The lightweight smart club, with a swing analysis system, can be paired with a smartphone app. Its innovative technology and helpful applications can accommodate both beginner and advanced golfers.

2. Golfer’s Smart Watch. A smart watch for golfers has many useful applications. Features may include a built-in GPS tracker, storage space for course maps, and water resistance. For golfers who practice regularly and take improvement seriously, a golfer’s smart watch can be used to record the distance and direction of shots to track performance.

3. Laser Rangefinder. The laser rangefinder is a handheld laser that bounces a signal off a target and back to the gadget to gauge an accurate distance. It works on any golf course, regardless of the weather. It is also effective if the course has not been mapped – a necessity for smartphone applications and GPS rangefinders.

4. Collectible Coffee Table Golf Books. A nice alternative to equipment for the range, coffee table books will be appreciated on rainy days. Many options can be found online, but some collectible books can be procured from specialty golf stores only.

5. Golf Club Head Covers. Covers are great for protecting expensive clubs, while also adding a little panache to one’s golf bag. Many PGA and LPGA superstars use covers for their clubs, with designs ranging from whimsical animal heads to traditional patterns.


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