How Rivers of Hope Supports Victims of Domestic Violence


Rivers of Hope Image:
Rivers of Hope

Daniel Reardon is co-CEO and trustee of Otto Bremer Trust, the charitable branch of Bremer Financial Corporation. Daniel Reardon’s responsibilities include managing investments and overseeing the role of Otto Bremer Trust as a grantmaking entity. In March of 2016, the trust awarded 138 grants totaling $8.4 million, $64,000 of which went to Rivers of Hope.

Based in Monticello, Minnesota, Rivers of Hope was founded in 1989 by a group of citizens concerned about the prevalence of domestic abuse in their neighborhoods. Today, the education and advocacy group offers a wide range of services for those who have been victimized by domestic violence, including general and legal advice, support groups, and referrals for help with food and clothing as well as safe and secure housing. It also maintains a comprehensive youth program and an intervention program focused on criminal justice.

Beyond these programs, Rivers of Hope operates a 24-hour free and confidential crisis line. It also offers online support through both Twitter and Facebook. Individuals and businesses can contribute to the nonprofit in a variety of ways, including through safe house sponsorship and holding advocacy-based events.


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