Grant Supports Salvation Army

Salvation Army
Salvation Army


Daniel Reardon serves as a trustee at the Otto Bremer Trust in Minnesota. Also a co-CEO of the private charitable trust, Daniel Reardon recently oversaw a $362,000 grant to the Salvation Army to support programs in 10 Minnesota communities. The grant from the Otto Bremer Trust was given to the Salvation Army’s Northern Division.

The grant allows the Northern Division, which has served Minnesota and North Dakota since 1886, to hire a new employee in International Falls to help the organization provide services in that area. In St. Cloud, $100,000 of the grant money will go to the Support and Mentor through Arts, Recreation, and Tutoring program to assist 40 youths who are experiencing homelessness.

Some of the funding will also support 24 households under the Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope program, which works to “break the cycle of crisis and vulnerability in communities” in Austin, Fergus Falls, and Willmar.


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