Types of Downhill Skis


Downhill Skis pic
Downhill Skis
Image: rei.com

Daniel Reardon is an investment and banking professional who currently serves as co-CEO and trustee of the Otto Bremer Trust. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Otto Bremer Trust provided over $45 million in grants and crossed the $1 billion asset threshold in 2015. In addition to his professional duty managing these assets, Daniel Reardon enjoys skiing.

The winter sport of skiing entails sliding across snow-covered slopes or plains on skis, long, narrow pieces of material. Downhill skiing, also known as alpine skiing, is one form of this sport. Downhill skiers have several options when it comes to selecting skis. These include:

* All Mountain Skis – a common choice of expert skiers, these are designed for hard snow and well-maintained terrain as they feature a narrow midsection.
* All Mountain Wide Skis – these are good all-purpose skis that have a wide mid-section, allowing flotation in soft snow while still cutting through messy snow.
* Powder Skis – designed for soft, powdery snow, these skis have the widest mid-section, which provides excellent flotation and maneuverability.


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